Back to School: Football and Junk Food 

College Football officially started this weekend and, for most, college officially starts on Tuesday. We all know/remember a few things about college:

  • It’s expensive as hell
  • Dorm living is the best of times and the worst of times
  • It’s hard work, all the time
  • Football, football and football
  • It somehow becomes a 4-year excuse to each junk food at all hours

I’d like to take you back to the last two fond memories: Football and Junkfood.

College football brings the football experience to a never seen or felt before level. And well, junk food is cheap and no parents are there to tell you not to eat it. As much as I don’t recommend eating all three meals out of a chip bag, some days it just happens. Alas I do have the perfect game day ready recipe to wow your roommates at the next pre-game or post game football celebration. They are also the perfect pick me up when you’re in the middle of studying for your midterms contemplating whether you should have actually attended ALL the pre-and-post game football gatherings.

College Game Day Salted Chip Marshmallow Squares

  • 40 marshmallows
  • 1 bag wavy chips, Regular
  • 3 tbsp butter, melted
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips, melted (optional)

Assembling the Chip Marshmallow Squares

  1. Spray a 9×9 pan with nn-stick spray. Set aside.
  2. Spray a microwave safe bowl with non-stick spray. Put marshmallows and butter in the bowl. Microwave for 30 second intervals until marshmallows and butter are melted. Stir to make sure they are combined.
  3. Fold vanilla into the marshmallow until combined.
  4. Lightly crush bag of chips. Be sure not to crush too much- you still want large chunks of chips.
  5. Fold the chips into the marshmallow until all chips are coated.
  6. Pour chip and marshmallow mixture into 9×9 pan, ensuring the mixture fills the entire pan. Drizzle melted chocolate for garnish.
  7. Let sit until room temperature. Cut into squares.




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