Never Stop Playing: Sweet Sixteen Drip Cake

Peter Pan has always been my favourite tale. A boy who will never grow up shows a girl a world of adventure. The girl grows up and takes on the world, but the boy, he never grows up. What a life that would be; to be forever young.

Last week my “little” brother turned 23! We went to Pursuit OCR which is, essentially, an indoor playground for adults. We had an amazing time swinging from monkey bars and crawling through ball pits. In that moment we felt like 16 year old kids (mind you, the next morning our bodies ached like we were 75 year olds). That feeling of 16 year old invincibility was liberating beyond belief. We laughed and fell and tried to climb walls. It didn’t matter that phone bills were due, that another work week would start shortly or that we had more responsibilities than we could handle. We were 16 again. As the wall at the playground says “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”.

Flash forward a few days and I received an email via my website with a request for a mega chocolate sweet 16 cake. I was over the moon with this request. With a fresh reminder of what it’s like to be 16 I was inspired to create a cake that had equal parts chic and playful. Alas, I give you my version of an M&M’s Mega Chocolate Sweet Sixteen Cake!

Never stop playing, kids.


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